Brand Story

StormAudio represents the ultimate in high-end immersive audio and delivers superior audio electronics that support all existing and future leading sound formats, such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X , and Auro-3D. Serving the upper end of the custom residential home theater category, the processors all feature Dirac Live® Room Calibration, native 9.1.6 processing and our StormMonitoring™ remote supervision and diagnostics tool. Our hardware solutions are designed and manufactured in France, with a meticulous attention for quality and performance, to offer unsurpassed value for money.


StormAudio has the newest, most innovative line of preamp / amplified processors and multi-channel power amplifiers in the high-end home cinema category today. Designed for the most demanding customers, key attributes include superior sound, system expandability, extreme reliability and remote management. StormAudio’s product offering includes 16, 20 and 32-channel immersive audio preamp processors, available in analog or digital configurations. Built on a modular platform, all processors are poised for future channel expansion and feature upgrades. A 16-channel integrated amplifier processor (combination multi-channel amp & processor) and 8 and 16-channel power amplifiers complement the processor range. These 200-Watts per channel powerhouses are built on commercial chassis and ultilize the highest quality components and materials for the ultimate in sound and reliability.