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RoseWater Energy Group creates innovative and intelligent energy management systems for governments, utilities, industries, and residential consumers. Focused on the mission to create the next generation of renewable smart grid systems leveraging the best battery storage technologies, RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate and manage power system assets specific to their needs.


Voice control, lighting control, networked appliances, networked thermostats, security cameras, content streaming, and high-performance video and audio are features of a modern residence. Each of these features require microprocessors and memory chips to perform.


Microprocessors function best with high quality, consistent, and reliable power.


Unfortunately, due to increased demand for power, an aging infrastructure and renewable integration, power quality in North America is getting noticeably worse, not better. That means we are experiencing more short and long duration outages. Outages are obvious however much damage is done by less obvious flickers and more voltage fluctuations. All of which contribute to diminished microprocessor performance and longevity. The result is that home owners are not able to enjoy the benefits and conveniences of the new technologies we install.


At RoseWater Energy we are committed to producing the highest caliber products that will not only improve the quality and reliability of electrical power today but, will ultimately facilitate the most efficient and reliable use of all power sources in the future.


The next generation of energy is upon us, and RoseWater Energy will prepare you for it.