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Nice Security & Control

Founded in 1993, Nice is an Italian multinational reference company in the home automation, home security and smart home sector, with a wide range of integrated and connected solutions for the automation of gates, garage doors, sun shades, parking, wireless alarm and home security systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Nice sells its products to over 100 countries with 24 branches in five continents, 14 production plants, 13 R&D centers and 2,300 employees, contributing to the spread of Made in Italy products worldwide, with its high-quality solutions that wisely blend technology, design, innovation, digital connectivity, and ease of use.

Every day, Nice performs strict and accurate tests to assure the highest quality and safety standards in its laboratories.

Nice’s vision “a world without barriers” and its mission to “simplify everyday movements” put people and their wonder at the center of the equation, managing automation with the maximum control, safety, and customization.

Nice recognizes the value of sustainability, delivering solutions to optimize natural light and heat in building management, in addition to photovoltaic powered systems.