Liberty AV Solutions is the premier wire, cable, and electronics manufacturer of quality AV wire and cable, custom plates, panels, and audio/video distribution devices. Liberty AV and sister company, WESCO Broadcast & AV, combine products, services, and support needed for a smooth install, providing innovative, value-added, and managed service offerings as wells as access to a large variety of distributed brands.

Every-AV-Thing from Source to Display
Beginning in 1991 as a supplier of wire and cable, Liberty AV Solutions was driven to provide optimal performance via quality cables that save time and money for the installer. Liberty then quickly became the most recognized brand of cabling in custom and commercial install channels by setting the standards for colored cable patterns.

Throughout the years, Liberty has evolved into a full-service business partner with extensive service offerings that make installations easier and more profitable by providing customized, pre-kitted, and supported installation solutions designed to position the installer for a successful deployment at the time of the install and beyond.

Backed by WESCO International, Inc., Liberty has expanded into a full AV infrastructure systems provider offering point-to-point electronics, BYOD content sharing solutions, digital signal management, cables, and connectors… all backed by the support of a knowledgeable in-house, customer support team.

With an ever-growing portfolio of products for commercial, residential, education, corporate, hospitality, healthcare, and retail, Liberty AV has maintained both the quality and the personal connection to the installer, delivering products that are cutting-edge, yet easy to install and user friendly.

Expansion Into Managed Services
In 2019, a partnership with Teleportivity kicked off Liberty’s expansion into managed services. Teleportivity is a unique provider of cloud-based applications, virtual support, and ‘digital portals’ (intelligent QR codes), designed to provide the right information, in the right place, at the right time.  The following year, expansion continued with the introduction of CXUnify, a dynamic service ecosystem that empowers companies to provide faster and more efficient service and support to their customers.

The CXUnify platform is powered by an array of strategic AV and IT manufactured solutions working to strengthen and scale a company’s service capabilities.  This powerhouse offering is designed to be turnkey and provide instant reoccurring revenue opportunities for integrators. These managed services can be customized around a budget, need, or particular customer because, like many of Liberty’s solutions, they are completely customizable.

Conveniently Located.
With distribution and manufacturing facilities located in Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, and Illinois, Liberty AV remains focused on leading edge technology, customer service and education while continuing to provide the broadest range of professional AV products, services, and solutions available.

Complete, Customizable Solutions
Liberty AV’s sister company and key partner, WESCO Broadcast & AV Solutions, has also expanded its offering of premier distributed brands and product categories to provide a complete system solution. WESCO Broadcast & AV now offers trusted brands including Sennheiser, Bose, TOA, RDL, T1V, CommScope, Clear Touch, and Kramer, with new brands being added regularly. Pair these trusted brands with Liberty AV wire, cable, and devices for an optimum performance, while providing a quality install, backed by a trusted warranty, and supported by a knowledgeable team of experts that are there for you every step of the way.

Liberty AV’s dedication to the industry as earned the trust, respect, and confidence of the largest firms in the pro AV industry.  A dedicated, knowledgeable team is waiting to assist before, during, and after your next install.