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Future Automation

Fifteen years’ experience and a background in custom installation affords us an unrivalled understanding of the challenges our customers’ face. As installers we were frustrated at the lack of mounting solutions available; with nothing suitable on the market we innovated and produced our own and this innovation continues today. It is this insight that has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive product range of its kind which, when combined with our custom product service, means that we can deliver a solution for every project; whatever the size and however challenging.

Based in the Dover, New Hampshire approximately 60miles north of Boston, MA we are ideally located to meet the logistical needs of our clients both domestically and internationally. Our committed team of engineers and technicians handcraft all of the mechanisms on site to ensure that only the highest standards are met.

A US manufacturer with a global reach, we are the preferred choice for installers worldwide. Where others imitate, we innovate and that is why our products and services are now in such demand.

Our Custom Products, Your Custom Installation

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Our custom products, for your custom installation We appreciate that, by its very nature, custom installation is a highly specialised field and one that demands high quality and often bespoke solutions. At Future Automation we have both the expertise and resources to deliver fully customised mechanisms, manufactured to a very precise set of criteria.

Whilst it may have started with AV, it certainly doesn’t end there. As an engineering company we have the ability to meet any motorized automation requirement; from hidden bookcases, to revolving snooker tables and moving room dividers – anything is possible. So, whether it’s a product from our standard range or something out of the box, Future Automation can deliver the goods.