Azione’s Interesting Interlude Jumpstarts Education for 2021

Chester Springs, PA – February 3, 2021 – Continuing the momentum from the strongest quarter in history, Azione Unlimited, the Smart Home Association™, will host a two-day digital conference on February 9th and 10th. Signified as the “Interesting Interlude,” the conference will empower dealer and vendor members with a number of marketing, hiring, and operational workshops so they can continue creating profitable opportunities in 2021. True to the name, the Interesting Interlude will also feature keynotes from dynamic fitness instructor Luke Carlson, energy management CEO Blake Richetta of sonnen, and industry stalwart Peter Lyngdorf, President of Lyngdorf Audio.

“Although 2020 started in unsettled conditions, Azione Unlimited did not put its head in the sand,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited. “In fact, we supported our dealer and vendor members with education, community, and execution excellence. Our Interesting Interlude will continue that philosophy by providing high-caliber support and leadership to all our members.”

“Between the powerful momentum coming out of 2020 and our members getting restless for an in-person conference, we thought it would be a smart idea to continue making connections,” Glikes added. “Historically, February feels like a low-energy month. It’s dreary, the holiday hangover is wearing off, and business can feel groggy. We thought the Interesting Interlude would be the perfect remedy to inject some energy into the community and get people talking again. Azione Unlimited has always been about building connections and making members profitable – we are thrilled to keep creating those opportunities for our members.”

The full Interesting Interlude agenda include 14 sessions comprised of two speed-networking sessions, four keynotes, six workshops, and two Key Leader focused sessions. At the heart of the conference is eight workshops that cover various topics, including lighting, accounting, hiring, sales, and more. Mixed into the eight workshops are a series of operations-focused workshops from Steve Firszt of VITAL MGMT. These focused workshops reflect Azione Unlimited’s annual Key Leader Meeting’s goals, providing support for critical secondary members of the dealer’s organization. The two sessions, “Why 50% Labor Margin is Mandatory” and “Are You Charging Enough? Simple Math to Maximize Profits,” will provide valuable insight and tips on maximizing profits.

True to the name, the Interesting Interlude begins with a keynote from Luke Carlson of Discover Strength. CEO of the Minnesota-based strength training facility, Carlson’s talk delves into the importance of working out and “shares an evidence-based approach to exercise for the busy executive.” Late that afternoon, sonnen CEO Blake Richetta will speak about the future of renewable energy and the critical role Azione Unlimited integrators will play in that formula. Day two will host industry stalwart Peter Lyngdorf as he talks about his career in the audio world, his inspiration behind starting Lyngdorf Audio, and where the industry is headed. The Interesting Interlude will conclude with keynote speaker Heidi Strand of Blue Door Consulting as she explains how to leverage modern digital marketing to acquire the right talent.

Back by popular demand among members, the 1-on-1 speed networking allows dealers and vendors to be randomly matched for precisely six minutes. These rapid-fire sessions allow members to connect in a unique approach, matching dealers and vendors at random. These sessions provide the perfect opportunity to maximize time spent connecting with members, setting up success for powerful partnerships.

About Azione Unlimited
Celebrating 10 years of success, Azione Unlimited is the Smart Home Association™ for custom integrators and manufacturers in the United States and Canada. The only industry buying group where both dealers and vendors are members, Azione is comprised of leading custom installers, home technology professionals and preeminent manufacturers, whose common focus is the luxury residential segment.

Founded by industry veteran Richard Glikes, the organization helps its members achieve greater levels of prosperity, technical acumen, and sophistication in running their businesses and serving clients. Azione hosts two high-energy, information-packed conferences per year and provides its members with a host of benefits, from product discounts to educational meetings and marketing tools. Learn more at and follow @azioneunlimited.

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