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Coastal Source

Coastal Source is an innovative manufacturer of high-performance outdoor lighting and audio systems with an emphasis on the very highest quality, reliability, and simplicity.

Born in the Florida Keys, Coastal Source is the brainchild of the D’Ascanio brothers, Tony, Franco, and Amedeo. Celebrated as Coastal Home Experts, D’Asign Source, their luxury home design-build company, provides services ranging from architecture, landscapes, interior design, furnishings and accessories, and remodels.

Coastal Source products are available through their certified dealer network, as they work with top-quality Dealers who are dedicated to their same standard of excellence. A groundbreaking, industry leader in high-performance outdoor lighting and audio products that are built with integrity, Coastal Source represents more than 60 years of hands-on industry experience giving them exactly what was needed to take on the entire outdoor lighting and audio market. They understand that outdoor lighting and outdoor audio must be tough, and through their ongoing real-world and laboratory testing, Coastal Source has a solid understanding of the many challenges outdoor systems face. The Coastal Source brand and products were developed out of necessity and engineered for better technology, quality, and profitable outdoor products that truly Defy the Elements. With their systematic approach to lighting and audio—Coastal Source creates the most reliable products that you and your customers can count on.