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With a mission of helping to reunite humanity with sleep and wellness, Bryte Labs designed the BRYTE Bed™, the most advanced, personal sleep experience available.

Designed to constantly evolve to your body’s ever-changing sleep requirements, the BRYTE Bed leverages the intelligence of AIDEN, your personal sleep concierge, to deliver a relaxing and restorative slumber. From temperature, to support, to a gentle lull, to lighting, AIDEN helps tailor your optimal personal sleep experience by tapping into a wide range of the BRYTE Bed’s capabilities including:

  • Dual Side High-Resolution Support – Ideal for couples with differing sleep patterns and habits, each side of the BRYTE Bed provides an independent personal sleep environment, optimized for each, allowing couples to sleep soundly, together.
  • Personal Sleep Assist: Personal Sleep Assist will activate a soothing wave motion on specific pressure points to relieve the stresses of the day and rock you to sleep.
  • Dynamic Temperature Recognition: The BRYTE Bed’s Dynamic Temperature prepares your bed temperature just the way you like it, actively cooling and warming to manage your body temperature throughout the night using science-based algorithms, keeping you in a longer, deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Active Coils: The BRYTE Bed’s Active Coils allow AIDEN to actively adjust to provide personalized dynamic support throughout the night. Active Coils cradle and conform to different body types and sleeping positions, relieving pressure points to minimize disruptions and maximize your sleep quality.

Recognizing problems in the abundance of commodity spring and foam mattresses on the market that over-promise and under-deliver, Bryte Labs sought to design a bed that revolutionizes wellness with a breakthrough sleep experience.  The Bryte Bed is the perfect addition for your wellness solutions that lets your clients sleeping habits control and optimize the home environment.