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News from our Gold Vendor Member of the Month

James Loudspeaker® designs and manufactures high-performance speakers for residential and commercial applications. James offers a vast array of architectural speakers along with custom solutions that minimize visual presence while delivering the finest sound quality for indoor, outdoor and marine audio systems. Engineered and manufactured in the US since 1999, James Loudspeaker products are sold and installed through the finest custom integration specialists worldwide.

James Loudspeaker’s Outdoor Landscape Systems
James Loudspeaker invented the outdoor landscape system in 2005, creating a new market for speakers and satisfying the growing demand for high-quality outdoor audio. Everything from Under-Eave speakers, to signature All-Terrain series, and even Sub-Terranean direct burial subwoofers among many others, James has all the ingredients to provide you with a well-balanced landscape audio system. Learn About James Loudspeaker’s Outdoor Systems

James Loudspeaker’s New Fixed Width LCR SoundBar
James Loudspeaker introduces a new fixed width SoundBar to the lineup, the SPL3LCR-75. It features an ultra-thin design at only 1.5” (38mm) total depth and 4” (100mm) in height, yet plays down to 80Hz. This version is 65 7/8” (1673 mm) wide, which complements the current, least wide 75” Sony or Samsung TV models perfectly. The fixed width models for 55”, 65” and 75” TVs are always in stock and ready to ship. Learn About James Loudspeaker’s SoundBar

Azione Dealers Take an Exclusive Tour of James Loudspeaker’s New Nevada Headquarters

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