IC Realtime’s ICIP-D4732Z

A little dome camera, packing some big brain power – the ICIP-D4732Z. This small form factor dome camera adopts a 4MP, 1/3” CMOS sensor enabling 4 Megapixel video at up to 30FPS. This sensor sits atop a varifocal 2.7mm – 13.5mm fixed lens, and is paired with IR LEDs capable of supplying illumination up to 98′. The image sensor itself has a strong 120 dB dynamic range, making this dome camera a ‘True WDR’ camera. The real magic of this camera lies in it’s AI (Advanced Intelligence) suite of features, which includes: Tripwire, Intrusion, Scene Change, and Face Detection. With all of the above features packed into a small form factor, this camera excels in a wide array of installation environments including: retail outlets, commercial business, public venues, and even municipalities can benefit from AI. Learn More

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