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Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound is a company that designs and manufactures the finest vertically-integrated audio products for professional applications. Meyer Sound has a long history of supplying systems for theatres, arenas, stadiums, cinemas, theme parks, convention centers, houses of worship, and touring concert sound rental operations.

Meyer Sound entered the cinema exhibition market many years ago with their signature ultra-low subwoofers for Apocalpyse Now. For the past 8 years Meyer Sound as been providing an exceptionally high-performance audio experience for commercial movie theaters. These products became a natural fit for post-production facilities and ultimately, residential private cinema.

Meyer Sound has officially entered the private cinema and high-end residential channel in 2016!

If you asked your client, “Would you like your personal theater to sound the same as the director, sound mixers, editors, and producers of the actual movie heard it when it was made?”  and they replied, “Yes, of course,” the system to deliver this would be Meyer Sound. In fact, Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems have been used to mix many Academy Award®-winning films.

Meyer Sound manufactures all its cutting-edge, high-performance audio products at its Berkeley, California headquarters where experienced engineering, design services, and tech support teams ensure unparalleled consistency and precision. The attention to detail and quality control parameters are unsurpassed.

Meyer Sound has developed revolutionary advances such as IntelligentDC™ technology, which provides distributed power for full-range, self-powered loudspeaker systems. This eliminates the need for high-voltage power and multiple rack systems for power amplification. The installation is much more cost effective and efficient. Meyer Sound has also been a leader in developing immersive loudspeaker systems for Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, and Auro 3D.
The following venues and customers use Meyer Sound equipment and systems:
• Skywalker Sound  • Pixar Animation Studios • Dolby Theatre • Dolby World Headquarters – San Francisco • Warner Bros. Studios – L.A., NYC, and London (De Lane Lea) • NBC Universal Studios  • 20th Century Fox • Dreamworks Animation Studios  • Lightstorm Entertainment  • American Zoetrope  • The Dub Stage – Burbank • Galaxy Studios – Belgium • FutureWorks Studio – Mumbai • Cinerama Theatre  • Arclight Cinemas – Santa Monica, Chicago, Bethesda, La Jolla • Cinetopia – Oregon, Washington, Kansas  • Many ultra high-net-worth and VIP clients in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia (private cinemas) • Walt Disney Concert Hall  • Jazz at Lincoln Center  • Montreux Jazz Festival – Switzerland • The Colosseum at Caesars Palace  • Most Cirque du Soleil shows – Las Vegas • Touring concert systems for many well-known artists • Concert halls for classical music performance all over the world